Join me as I teach you how to use colored pencils to create beautiful pieces of Fiber Art. This class is available at any time

In this fun class we will be using our Inktense pencils or bars to make some wonky portraits for an apron.

Have you been waiting years for the time and opportunity to explore your love of art, well this is it! Are you thinking you would love to draw but don't think you have the talent so you don't try? Have you been so busy doing for everyone else that you have neglected your passions? Come with me for the next 6 weeks as I gently lead you into the wonderful world of being an artist! This will be a true, hands on class, where you will master the basics and lay the foundation for your artistic dreams and begin your creative journey. No more excuses, there is no better time than right now to start exploring your talent. Master the basics of drawing and learn how to see with an Artist's Eye. You will gain a whole new perspective on the beauty that surrounds us as you expand and explore your artistic abilities. Art can be stress free!

Let Desiree show you the secret for creating an applique look with colored pencils, watercolor pencils, inktense pencils and more! Click on the link to see more!